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A Reputation Built On Quality

B&D Precision Machine is proud of its reputation in the machining industry. Our competitive pricing, experience and imagination gives us an advantage over other shops.

Volume Pricing

lathepicOur capabilities and techniques range from design-build for one-off custom holding & fixture components to high-volume, long-run production. Of course, we welcome your projects whether high-volume production, low-volume prototypes or custom parts for your machinery. We will give you a competitive price and hold that price for 30 days. We guarantee our price and your delivery, at quote and on-time, every time.

Quality Assurance

We serve a variety of global industries including ceramic molding, film extrusion, pump manufacturing, and fluid valve control. Our quality assurance meets tolerances to spec with 99% repeatable accuracy, and we will include a certificate of compliance at your request. Many of our customers' machined parts go into OEM units that then meet ISO standards for their own industry specifications.

Inventory & Delivery

We can also handle your supply chain management by holding inventory and shipping to multiple locations. Again, we guarantee a fair and competitive price along with scheduled deliveries, at quote and on-time, every time.

Custom Made Mill Stand

millstandThis device is used in the manufacture of thin-walled tubing. This particular unit was designed by B&D, and there are a number of features that make it stand out from the rest. First, it is a completely machined product, not a casting, which greatly improves both its accuracy and rigidity. Next, almost every part on the mill stand is either chrome or electroless nickel-plated. Our design also includes precision-ground wear plates made of hardened D-2 tool steel which can be built to any thickness required. Lastly, the wear plates are used to offset any regrinding of form rolls. NOTE: The wear plates are easily replaced without disturbing the alignment of the rolls.

In today's economy, B&D Precision Machine is your competitive edge!
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